Cicatrices 2

Diana Golden and Martha Ortiz are the stars of this shocking video in which Juan Carlos; one of the characters learned that being a true macho is imposing your will on others regardless of whether it destroys dignity or feelings. He himself witnessed the mistreatment and outrageous life that his mother suffered as a wife and woman because of his father's machismo. This chain of machismo almost destroyed her life and that of her family. But God has mercy on his life and Juan Carlos finds Jesus and a new life: that of a man transformed into the image of the true man of Christ Jesus.

Géneros: Drama

Actores: Alberto Estrella, Martha Ortiz

Director: Manuel Ramirez


Titulo original: Cicatrices 2

Duración: 90 minutos

Calidad: HD

Lanzamiento: 2007

imdb rating 8.4