Septiembre del 75

Flor, the sister of José Humberto Baena, continues the tireless struggle that her parents took until the end of their days: vindicate the innocence and memory of her brother. Baena was a member of the FRAP and was shot on September 27, 1975 after a summary war council. He was accused of the attack that killed policeman Lucio Rodríguez. In the process, no material evidence was presented nor was there any witness. Xosé Humberto always maintained before his family that he was innocent.

Géneros: Documental

Actores: Alberto San Juan

Director: Adolfo Dufour

País: Spain

Titulo original: Septiembre del 75

Duración: 95 minutos

Calidad: HD

Lanzamiento: 2009

imdb rating 4